The Road to Vichy.... with Challenge Chubbs

Hawk, Falcon, Eagle,Swift, Raptor..... Chubbs

When the clock struck 12 on 31 December 2017 I could look back and think I had a good year. I felt like I had achieved a lot in a short space all for two very worthy causes yet, there was something in the back of my mind goading me. As much as I had achieved I still thought of the “what ifs”. 

10 challenges completed with 2 still left. These had to be big. I needed validation that I had achieved and the amount next to the fundraising total just wouldn’t tickle my fancy.

For all you Seafaris fans, I am Chubbs. I am 26 years old and used to play rugby. I then got my head in the wrong place a few times and now can’t play.  The obvious next step was to raise money for charities by doing events I am physically not suited to. If you want to check out my year, go to

I met Rich when I was a young man, edging the peripherals of the Men of Leisure and trying to be cool.Eventually Rich got a job...... if you can call it that! I ended up working for Rich during my summer at university. I am an able seaman and Rich saw that in me so had me in the office, organising the bookings and general office admin. I really showed my knot skills that summer.

I eventually began my own career but have worked on and off for Rich, usually providing a cameo crew role on a trip to France. 

Now you have the background, I can tell you the reason.

I needed a ‘pièce de résistance’ for my fundraising, and decided an Ironman was the only way to finish. That is when I contacted Rich to see if he wanted to support me on my journey to Vichy, France in August 2018. Without blinking he was straight in and willing to assist financially, emotionally and physically.

So, Monday 5 March 2018, I became the first Jersey Seafaris sponsored athlete all in aid for Jersey Hospice Care and Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Over the next 5 months both Jersey Seafaris and I will be providing training videos, blogs and general tomfoolery in the build up for Vichy.

If you enjoy what you see, please donate to my causes; go on a RIB trip or both! We would appreciate your support therefore stay tuned….you may even laugh.

Chubbs x