The Fleet Grows

As another new season approaches the excitement is increasing in the Seafari camp. There is not just one but two new boats in production!!

Falcon Out, Raptor In

After 3 years of fantastic service, we delivered Seafari Falcon back to Southampton, she was our first Redbay Stormforce RIB and has been a superb boat and one of the main reasons for Jersey Seafaris success. She is now going to be replaced by Seafari Raptor our third Redbay RIB. At Seafaris we believe in having the best possible boats for our crew and our customers. Each new RIB has been modified and improved to suit our needs. The Raptor is slightly bigger than the Falcon at 10m, she will have 6 suspension seats up in the bow to provide supreme comfort for our passengers as well as a new and improved stereo system, ideal for those late night trips back from Carteret!

Above: Richard checking out Raptor during the build process at Redbay Boats.

By changing boats every 3 years we have brand new state of the art boats for our customers, the safest, most reliable boats on the water. If you want to be the best, you need the best. 


Luxury Charter RIB

The second boat in production is slightly smaller but no less impressive! It is an 8.2m Cobra Nautique by Cobra RIB's. We are constantly striving to improve our service and what we can offer to our customers, so we have come up with an alternative to our larger Seafari passenger RIB's. This boat will be exclusively available for private charter. It will be able to take up to 7, possibly 8 passengers (TBC at a later date once coding is complete), along with one Seafari skipper.

Above: in production at the Cobra factory, along with a similar 8.2m built last year.

This luxury RIB will be ideal for smaller groups looking for that personal, bespoke charter. It will have a large bench seat at the stern, followed by 4 bolster seats, these have inbuilt suspension for ultimate comfort. In the bow there is a large sun lounger which converts into a seating area, a great space for onboard socialising and relaxing. There is also a bathing platform and shower, ideal for swimming. There will of course be a great sound system. This boat is designed to feel like your boat for the day, without all the hassles of boat ownership. 

Shock Mitigating Seating

More commonly know as suspension seats! Both boats will have these aboard, which is a first for charter boats in Jersey and much of the UK. The waters around Jersey can get change quickly and it can sometimes get bumpy. These seats are designed to take out most of the shock and impact that can be felt out on the water. All seafari boats are capable and designed to operate in most of the sea conditions that can be thrown at us, but our own bodies are not! We still only operate our seafaris and charters in favourable weather conditions, it does not mean we will be taking our customers out into storms! But, most importantly our customers comfort and safety will be significantly improved. 

Bookings are coming in thick and fast for the coming season for all vessels. Please get in touch early to ensure you don't miss out on a charter - email