Can children come on a Seafari?
Yes! We can take children from 4 years old and up on a regular seafari. Please bare in mind it is an open boat so it can be cold and sometimes wet and bumpy. We also have children’s lifejackets and waterproofs too.

Is it easy to get on the boat?
To get on the boat it is about a 40cm step down to the deck. The crew will be able to assist you if necessary. Please note at Les Ecrehous and Les Minquiers it is not so simple, certain tides you need to board by ladder or off the stones.

Are Seafaris suitable for pregnant women?
Our seafaris are not recommended for pregnant women due to the unpredictable nature of the sea.

Are Seafaris suitable for people with back or joint problems?
Our seafaris are not recommended for anybody with past or current back, neck or heart conditions, this is due to the unpredictable nature of the sea. Please understand we are not medical experts and cannot offer guidance on individual cases, our automatic advice would be if you have concerns please do not participate for your own comfort and welfare.

Where do we meet?
For trips departing from St. Catherine’s Breakwater please meet at the top of the slip opposite the cafe, right next to the bus stop.
For trips departing from St. Helier please meet at Albert Pier Pontoon at the top of the ramp just to the south of the Lifeboat Station.

How many passengers does the boat take?
The boat can take up to 12 passengers.

Can I take a bag?
We have dry storage where customers can put small bags.

Will I get wet?

We try our best to keep customers dry, the boats are designed specifically for a dry ride, however there is a chance of spray; but don't worry we provide customers with waterproof jackets.

What happens if it is too rough/raining?
If conditions are deemed too dangerous to operate or it is raining persistently then the skipper will make the decision to cancel the Seafari. We try to give the customer as much notice as possible, if the forecast is very poor this decision will often be made the day prior to the trip. However, weather conditions can change rapidly and sometimes last minute decisions are essential. Please provide an up to date contact number should we need to contact you.

Is there much walking involved?
On shorter Seafaris (North and South Coast, RIB Blast) you are on the boat at all times. Trips to Les Ecrehous and Les Minquiers involve exploring the islands on foot. Please be aware that it is uneven ground.

How fast does the boat go?
The boat typically operates at a cruising speed of 28 knots, however this is dependent on conditions - comfort and safety are a priority. The boat can travel over 55 knots powered by twin 300HP engines.!

Will I get seasick?
It is very rare that anyone gets seasick on our seafaris. It is an open boat and the motion is very different to that of a ferry which can roll. In 5 years we have had 3 cases of sea sickness! Not one of these on a scheduled seafari.

What is the best trip for seeing dolphins?
The Channel Island area has the largest pod of Bottlenose Dolphin in Europe, they are not restricted to one particular place though so all trips are good for seeing dolphins. In particular of the shorter Seafaris the North Coast, Les Ecrehous and Les Minquiers are good. The best bet tends to be on the longer trips to France or Chausey as you spend more time on the water.

How often do you see dolphins?
We see dolphins on about 30% of our trips.

What wildlife can you expect to see?
As well as Bottlenose Dolphin, we also see Common Dolphin but not as commonly! Harbour Porpoises, Basking Sharks and Sunfish too. Les Ecrehous is great for seeing the Atlantic Grey Seals. There is plenty of birdlife on show too. In the coastal areas you can see Peregrine Falcons (the fastest animal on earth!), gannets, various types of terns, turnstones, razorbills, guillemots, gulls, herons, egrets and many more.

Can I take a picnic?
Yes you can bring along a picnic, ideal for trips to Les Ecrehous and Les Minquiers

Can we take alcohol on the boat?
You can bring alcohol on trips, but you can not drink whilst the boat is in motion. 

Can you go swimming?
Bring your swimming costumes as swimming is possible on all trips where you can get off the boat!

Are there toilet facilities on the boat?
The boat does not have any toilet facilities, at both departure points there is a toilet nearby.

Are there toilets at Les Ecrehous/Les Minquiers?
There are no public toilets at Les Ecrehous, at Les Minquiers there is one on the main island.

What restaurants do you recommend in Carteret?
In Carteret there is a great range of restaurants from the luxury Michelin Star down to a beach Cafe. We personally like La Potiniere, Le Cap and La Marine. It is advisable to book before you go.

What restaurants do you recommend in Portbail?
Portbail is smaller than Carteret with less restaurants. We recommend 13 Aux Arches and Rendevous Les Pecheurs. It is advisable to book before you go.

What restaurants do you recommend in Sark?

Stocks Hotel has good bar food and a restaurant as well as a pool - great for kids! La Sablonnerie is a quintessentially english boutique hotel with great service from the enigmatic Elizabeth!
What restaurants do you recommend in Chausey?

Hotel du Fort offers a great set menu and a la carte - superb seafood and classic French dishes. Then across the road at the Bar/cafe for a more informal meal.

Can you drop us off at Les Ecrehous/Les Minquiers and pick us up later?
We are not permitted to drop passengers off any offshore reef unless they have access to one of the huts.

Can I book online?
All our Seafaris can be booked online here. For private charters head over to the page.

Have you got a schedule of trips?
Our full schedule is all online on the book now page.

Do you operate at night?
Our licence restricts us to daylight hours which is one hour either side of sunrise/sunset.

Do you sell gift vouchers?
Yes we do types, either a generic voucher which can be for any given amount and used towards any trip, or a specific gift voucher that can be used for that chosen trip. All vouchers are valid for 18 months from purchase. Check here.

How do you redeem gift vouchers?
Please go here and click redeem and enter your voucher code. Gift vouchers will not work by going through the normal booking page.