8 or 9 hour trip
£70 for adults / £65 for kids

  • Step back in time

  • Enjoy a horse drawn cart or hire a bike

  • Incredible views over the causeway to Little Sark

  • Great for birdwatchers in the breeding season

Sark is a magical island, referred to by some as the crown jewel of the Channel Islands. On arriving in Sark you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Cars are prohibited so rent a bike or jump on a horse and cart to explore the islands. Sark has a magnificent coastline with towering cliffs and caves. On a typical trip you get 5-6 hours to enjoy this island. The abundance of fish in the area makes it great for the birdlife, including puffins, and if you’re lucky you may see common or bottlenose dolphins.

Dates for 2018:  7th April, 21st April, 5th May, 20th May, 1st June, 24th June, 3rd July, 10th July, 19th July, 9th August, 21st August, 2nd September, 6th September 21st September, 30th September, 20th October (further dates can be arranged subject to availability - please email for more details).

One way taxi service: During popular events we also run one way taxi services over Sark, for example the Sheep Racing and the Folk Festival. These can be found online too.

Departs from St. Catherine’s Breakwater.
Meeting time is 15 minutes before departure.



"Great trip over to Sark with Jersey Seafaris. Great fun for the whole family and the crew made us feel right at home and very comfortable. Would definitely recommend to anyone visiting Jersey."