Jersey Seafaris was established in 2011. It quickly established itself as the largest RIB operator in the Channel Islands. We run regular RIB boat trips, tours and charters around Jersey’s magnificent coastline and offshore islands. We are the number 1 tour in Jersey on TripAdvisor!

We also provide Private Charters for a bespoke experience – zip across to France for dinner or enjoy a picnic on a sandbank miles from land, with just your friends and even the odd dolphin for company! Contact Us for more information. We look forward to welcoming you on a Seafari soon!


Meet the crew


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Nickname - Sledgehammer, Riccardo Stevonzo

What is your favourite trip and why - Les Minquiers on a big low tide and sunny day!! - Glorious you could be anywhere in the world!

My 3 luxury items when working on the sea are - Wispa, Biltong, a rare homemade lunch

Best moment on a seafari trip - A charter to Les Ecrehous with a group from Bangladesh - they were literally the happiest people I have ever met! Huges smiles, singing and dancing from start to finish!!

Favourite obscure fact - Lobsters can live up to 100 years!

About me - I’m a Jersey lad that grew up on the water sailing with my family around local waters and slightly further afield. I had my first boat at 10 and they have slowly got bigger and faster over time! My dream was to do something I I did it! I loved taking people to all these incredible places in and around our island so I thought why not do that! So in 2011 I set up Jersey Seafaris!!

Outside of the summer season, you will find me playing rugby, exploring the coast or heading off island in search of waves, snow and adventure!


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Nickname - Nighthawk

What is your favourite trip and why - The North Coast, perfect for charter trips, visiting caves, secret beaches and seeing some of the island's history and heritage along the way.

My 3 luxury items when working on the sea are - Custard creams (usually supplied by Tom Norman), fishing rod, koala sanctuary sun hat

Best moment on a seafari trip - Climbing the crow's nest on the Roches-Douvres Lighthouse

Favourite obscure fact - The deepest recorded dive of a bottlenose dolphin is 300m

About me - Around the age of 10 my dad used to take us out fishing on a small work boat owned by the Jersey Oyster Company. When I was older, during the school holidays, I crewed on La Duchesse de Normandie, taking Jersey Kayak Adventures to Jersey’s offshore reefs. I enrolled with RNLI in 2012 and have been crewing on St.Catherine’s inshore lifeboat ever since.

I started crewing for Seafaris in 2013 and got my qualifications to skipper in 2014. Outside of work I enjoy going out for a fish on Tom’s boat ‘Scally Too’. In the winter months I try and get off the island for a bit of exploration and adventure.


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Nickname - Normski

What is your favourite trip and why - Les Ecrehous. No matter how many times I visit, never find it boring. Also the wildlife is amazing out there.

My 3 luxury items when working on the sea are - Fishing rod, camera and sketchbook.

Best moment on a seafari trip - Going over to Carteret to watch the Tour de France. Leaving Jersey in pouring rain and hoping for the best. The atmosphere in the small town and the whole event did not disappoint.

Favourite obscure fact - Killer whales have been spotted in Jersey waters… may of just started a rumour.

About me - Always had a love for the sea. From an early age I went out from Rozel Harbour on my dad’s fishing boat. Whether it was to help pull in the nets, driving the boat as he sorted the lobster pots or just for a fish. It is still the same twenty years later on.

I started crewing for Seafaris in 2014 and gained my qualifications to skipper in 2016. During winter months, I try and pick up where I left off as a freelance illustrator, as well as spending my hard earned money ticking off items from the bucket list.

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Nickname - ‘The Wife’

What is your favourite trip and why - Tough Call - But it has to be taking people to Carteret for ‘Happy Hour’ at La Potiniere! Especially coming back at sunset with great music and if you are lucky moonrise on the other side! You have to see it to believe it!

My 3 luxury items when working on the sea are - Juicy Pineapple, Inflatable unicorn & a massive selfie stick!

Best moment on a seafari trip - Taking a double boat charter to L’ecreviere sandbank (located between Les Ecrehous & France) for a private party in the middle of the sea with champagne, birthday cake and good times!

Favourite obscure fact - A small company of soldiers on the Minquiers were among the last to surrender in the Second World War. A fully armed German soldier approached a French fishing boat and asked for help saying 'We've been forgotten by the British, perhaps no one on Jersey told them we were here, I want you to take us over to England, we want to surrender'. This was on 23 May 1945, three weeks after the war in Europe ended.

About me - Jersey born & bred. I have always loved the water and grew up way out West in the surf at St Ouens. I worked as a surf Instructor for 4 summer’s at The Watersplash and enjoyed an epic Snowboard season in Whistler, Canada. My first time on a RIB was actually on my first date with Rich, when he swept me off to France for wine on the sand dunes… and I haven’t looked back ever since.. Now married, PB2 & Day Skipper Qualified. I have (part time) crewed for Seafaris from the start (2011). I love every minute of watching this company grow and do what it does best - show Jersey off and help make memories for so many people! I look forward to meeting old & new Seafari ‘goers’ and helping you put together unique charter ideas! Speak soon!


Katie Bennett-Jones

jack luce

Read about JACK LUCE

Nickname - Some people call me ‘the better Luce brother’.

What is your favourite trip and why - Carteret for a long lunch on a sunny summer's day. (even better when you’re not working).

My 3 luxury items when working on the sea are - Sunglasses, Haribo Starmix and Snowman’s (slightly suspect) spotify playlist.

Best moment on a seafari trip- Watching the 2016 Tour de France in Carteret. After a miserable start to the day the sun came out just in time to enjoy seeing the publicity caravan and the riders pass. The atmosphere was amazing. Allez le bleu!

Favourite obscure fact - The french have ‘invaded’ Les Ecrehous twice, in 1993 and in 1994, trying to claim it as part of France.

About me - Dan’s older brother and generally better in every way. Like Dan I got hooked on boating at an early age after going out fishing with our dad. In 2012 I bought my first boat with a group of friends, from then on any opportunity I get I try and get out on the water.

I started working for Seafaris as part time crew in 2015 and got my skippers qualifications in 2016.

When i’m not working i enjoy being out in the countryside or out on the water. Summer months are normally spent spearfishing or walking the 2 family Springer Spaniels.


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Nickname: Sid, Matt Hoffman, Life-saver.

Favourite trip and why: Portlet Pizza. I just love carbs.

3 luxury items when working on seafaris: Bottle of Stinky Bay IPA, a Colleen’s Café ‘American Breakfast’, Carbohydrates.

Best moment on a seafari trip: Being a life-saver. Found and rescued a French lady walking 2/3 mile out from the Écréhous on a rising tide – hero. Rescued a stranded Jet Skier who had broken down in Portlet and towed him back to town – hero.

Favourite obscure fact: Corbiere Lighthouse was the first concrete lighthouse to be built in the British Isles.

About me: Having grown up in Jersey and then moving to Mauritius it’s hard to escape the sea so it naturally became a part of my lifestyle - spending hours/days/weeks fishing, surfing and boating. After leaving Mauritius and spending a few years abroad in Switzerland and Canada the sea-life drew me back to Jersey. So, in 2017 I moved back to the island to start up a local brewery and get back to some hours on the sea – something which had definitely been missed.

Patch Newton


Cam Maclagan