Seymour Tower send-off

Why we went

Our friend and Seafari crew, Augustin, was planning a cycle tour from Jersey to China. For his send-off, rather than organising the usual drinks before heading to town (St.Helier), we decided to do something different. A couple of the group (including Gus) had recently completed guide training for the Seymour Tower. This meant we could reduce the cost of hire whilst having the tower to ourselves.

Getting to the tower

Walking out to the tower took us about half an hour, we stopped on the way to snap a picture of the refuge tower, used by those who get caught out by the incoming tide. Before setting out to the tower, it is extremely important to know the tide times and weather (only visit the tower around low water and in good visibility). Visitors to the island in the summer regularly get caught out by the incoming tides and need rescuing. If in any doubt, hire a guide. On arrival at the tower, we immediately got the wood burning stove lit and went about cleaning the place before unpacking our gear.

History of the tower

The tower was built in 1782, a year after the Battle of Jersey. We were worried that the French may come back to invade the island after failing to in 1781. The design is unique, the only Conway Tower on the island that is square. It is thought that there was a previous structure lying on the rocky outcrop before the tower was built thus influencing the design. The tower was to act as a practical location for early warning of any impeding attack on the island by the French.

What the tower has to offer

Presently, the tower has accommodation for 7 visitors and 1 guide, all staying on bunkbeds.

Downstairs there is 1 communal room with a small kitchen, providing a sink, fridge, oven, and wood burning stove. Solar panels on the roof provide lighting and power to the fridge. Upstairs are the sleeping quarters and chemical toilet. Don’t expect 5 star treatment at the tower, facilities are basic, but that’s all part of the experience.

What we got up to

The area around the tower is a playground for those that like anything to do with coast. We brought wetsuits and a paddleboard out with us to enjoy the water. To see what we got up to on the water check out this video - .

We took a couple of fishing rods and ground lines to try and catch dinner. Despite being the perfect location for bass fishing, we were unsuccessful with the fishing rods. The ground lines provided us with two undersized bass, which we returned unharmed. In the evening we enjoyed a steak dinner with a few beers, we finished the night off with Escape from Colditz, the board game (it's a classic).

Why you should go

Here is a list of reasons why you should stay at Seymour Tower

  • That feeling of isolation, exploration and adventure

  • Easy access for low water fishing and foraging

  • Great site for bird watching

  • Watch our 40ft (12m) tide rise and fall all within 12 hours

  • Clear, clean, water for swimming, kayaking and paddleboarding

  • Unspoilt views of the sunrise and sunset (see link below)

  • Enjoy Jersey’s heritage whilst staying within Jersey’s National Park

Here’s a video from the top of the tower at sunset

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